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Our SEO blueprint service is an analysis tool that covers every aspect of a web site from structure to evaluations. The site audit and blueprint provides keyword recommendations and possible content suggestions. Every change is left up to your discretion. Part of our philosophy in search engine optimization is leaving you with the choice of what to implement or not. This is the perfect tool for small companies and start-ups who are not certain if they can handle the financial strain of a full-on internet search marketing campaign.

site audit Every site audit and review we provide focuses on the following goals:

  • Increase page views and the quality of those viewing
  • Build a strong web identity and brand name
  • Increase sales through page view conversions
  • Identify SEO problems and a strategy to fix them

The main areas covered for top search engine placement in our premium SEO blueprint include:

Missed opportunities for SEO Missed opportunities for SEO

  • Identification and analysis of competition
  • Per-page recommendations for enhancement of content
  • Strategies for long-term web search engine optimization
  • Environmental analysis – competition, risks, niche, and demand
  • Consulting internet marketing on viral strategies
  • SEO and SEM consulting
  • Online reputation analysis

SEO copywriting review SEO copywriting review

  • Keyword volume and recommendations
  • Keyword evaluation for frequency, missed opportunities, and competitor analysis
  • Seasonal and predictive keyword research

On page Seo Analysis On-page SEO analysis

  • Home page and page titles
  • Page naming scheme
  • Meta-tags including noindex and nofollow
  • Meta-tag description and page recommendations

Document Structures and SEO Document Structures and SEO

  • Headers and overall accessibility
  • Keyword weight
  • XHTML recommendations
  • Content-to-code ratios
  • Duplicate content review
  • Deep Linking
  • PageRank leaks
  • Others – dynamic URL structure, iFrame, RSS, aggregated content, XML, product feeds

Internal and External Link Analysis Internal and external link analysis

  • How to define a good link and pick the best prospects
  • Anchor text and linking campaigns
  • Image links – image crawls can work to your advantage
  • Incoming backlinks – important with Google
  • Internal link architecture
  • Reciprocal links
  • External links
  • Block level analysis

Navigation Analysis Navigation analysis

  • Coding issues counterproductive to web crawlers
  • URL architecture and keywords within the URL
  • Top level navigation including breadcrumb and mapping
  • Site map analysis
  • Image mapping
  • Flash and DHTML navigation
  • Broken links

Technical analysis and server issues Technical analysis and server issues

  • Traffic loss through redirects and URL directives – 404, 302, 301
  • Robots.txt analysis
  • Header responses and redirecting issues

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