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One of the most important elements of a website is the content. All top-ranking websites have relevant, well-written content. A good search engine placement service will recognize content as a leading factor. Web Traffic Gurus have copywriters who know how to write to please both human visitors and search engine web crawlers. The copywriters at Web Traffic Gurus will provide unique and compelling content that is always pertinent to your industry. We will make sure you and your website are the authorities to both the web spiders and readers. Once considered an authority, you will gain consumer trust and traffic will turn into conversions and sales will increase.

Copyright Web Content for Consumers

Studies show that less than 15% of internet users read an entire web page. Consumers typically scan a web page for relevant information. 85% of readers will leave the web page within one minute if a quick scan cannot find the information for which they are looking.

Web Traffic Gurus provide consumer-friendly content that contains:

  • Informative and keyword-rich text
  • Text that is easy to read and succinct.
  • Eye-catching, attention-grabbing headings
  • Web Content for Search Engine Spiders

Web Content for Search Engine Spiders Web Content for Search Engine Spiders

In order for search engines to bring the most relevant results to users, they dispatch small programs called web crawlers or spiders that scan through web pages and index all the information it contains. The indexed information is then evaluated and plugged into the search engine algorithm it uses to assign rankings. Web Traffic Gurus uses positioning marketing to provide pages optimized for search engines with:

Appropriately-themed web pages having the utmost authority that is derived from their relevance and value. Our internet marketing online advertising assures pages have the proper keyword density with well-written and organized paragraphs. These well-written paragraphs with original content are exactly what the search engines are looking for.

Homepage Content Homepage Content

Web Traffic Gurus always provides fresh and unique content on a regular schedule so that it is:

  • Regularly updated by the search engines.
  • Indexed and crawled by the spiders on a regular basis.

Web Traffic Gurus Content Writing Process Web Traffic Gurus Content Writing Process

The copywriters for Web Traffic Gurus will call you personally to discuss your business profile, the competition, your target audience, your marketing goals, and overall message. Once the ideal keywords are determined, your personal copywriter will prepare an article specially tailored to the needs of your business. Content will be written using industry lingo and our consulting internet marketing will make sure your specific audience is targeted and called to action.

Your copywriter at Web Traffic Gurus will always keep an open line of communication with your company throughout the process and will send a rough draft of the content for you to review. A follow-up call will then be made so you can relate any changes or revisions that should be made. Finally, once complete, the content will be provided directly to you or your specified project manager for immediately upload to the site.

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