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Video MarketingIf you own a company and sell a product or service, then you need to shoot a sales presentation, get it on the internet and start marketing it right away. If your top salesperson only gets in front of 100 prospects per year and is making $100K...what would it be worth for the same presentation that he performs to be shown to 50,000 or more prospects?

What are the Benefits of Video Marketing?

  • Raise your company / brand profile
  • Increase your online visibility and web presence
  • Glean traffic from the social side of the web
  • Control more of the search engine results with a presence on the top social and video sites

Gain Exposure for Your Video and Site

To fully tap into this this new marketing niche and ensure your site receives maximum exposure, you need to let a professional company such as Web Traffic Gurus handle your video marketing. With video becoming a major part of search engine results, it is vital your site is optimized correctly to take full advantage of this booming sector and the results it can deliver.

One of the most important parts of video marketing is defining your tags. It is these that will ultimately gain your video the most exposure and allow it to dominate both conventional search as well as social media.

Video Optimization is having a huge impact in the organic search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines Video SEO services that result in optimizing videos of products and services is quickly becoming one of the fastest methods of securing a top ten organic ranking in the Google search results.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing have all confirmed that blended search the mechanism that compiles videos, images, news stories, maps, and other types of search results alongside their traditional search results, is one mechanism that 'dresses up' and 'fills out' their results pages.

Video seo services and optimizing the video content of websites greatly helps increase website exposure in the Google search results.

Video Optimization and Video SEO is a compilation of many specific steps including:

  • l Optimizing video filenames by using the keyword phrases that best correspond with the contents of the video.
  • l Writing keyword inclusive text captions on the video
  • l Optimizing the backlinks of the file.
  • l Creating a video library that allows both spiders and users to locate video files.
  • l Uploading Optimized Videos on YouTube and the fifty plus popular social networking video portals.
  • l Video SEO and optimizing video can secure new, and additional page one, top ten keyword positions in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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