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Social Media EnhancementDrive Relevant Traffic through Powerful Lanes for Stronger Leads and More Sales

Social Media is the hottest topic in SEO for 2009. Because of the rise in popularity of social media on the internet and marketing, many companies are offering a social media service. The problem is that few understand the intricacies of social media and how viral marketing works. No one has the proven success with social media campaigns that we do.

Web Traffic Gurus Social Media and Internet Search Marketing Team Provides You with Valid ROI

Web Traffic Gurus Social Media Team has the experience, relationships, and established community to create a social media campaign with a focus on ROI. We help you increase traffic and sales while building a strong brand in an online community for your company – all through the power of social media marketing.

Digital Word-of-Mouth Becomes Real Word-of-Mouth

Every online conversation eventually translates into real life situations. Using tools like niche blogs, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, we are able to generate a conversation with your target market that will lead directly to an increase in traffic, brand recognition and more sales.

Social Media Marketing is a Multi-Level Solution

Web Traffic Gurus social media team will create a strategy that is reflective of your company and the image you want your company to achieve. We offer these social media services:

  • Blog development and design – We design a Wordpress blog that fits the theme and image of your company so it is optimized for heavy traffic and viral capability.
  • Viral, emotionally charged content – Our expert copywriters understand the viral web marketing search engine optimization.
  • Powerful new relationships open to expansion and growth – Our existing relationships with thousands of bloggers, Twitter users, and everyone in the social media community allows us to start lasting conversations on behalf of your company that will keep everyone talking and thinking about you.
  • Robust Brand Monitoring – Monitor all mentions of your company on blogs, twitter, and other social networks and reports back on the qualitative and quantitative details of each and allows for rapid real time responses to protect your brand and leverage opportunities to drive more sales.
  • Sustainable increase in new traffic and leads – Sustainable traffic is driven to your website through Stumble, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, and other social bookmarking sites.
  • Build charismatic followers – Twitter is becoming increasing popular and has the power to influence by tens of thousands, building a following completely relevant to your industry.

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