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Web Traffic Gurus Internet Marketing Agency, has opened up its search for an SEO Analyst to join our expanding team . This is a newly created position with no limits to growth. Web Traffic Gurus boasts an impressive, growing list of clients who reap the benefits from our dedicated staff to see increased web traffic, enhanced market visibility, and realize an incredible return on their investment through boosted sales and revenue. Description: Creates overall strategy for a successful natural Search Optimization campaign. SEO Strategist will be responsible for creating the overall strategy as outlined in Statement of Work. (ie: optimization of site navigation, internal linking structure, dynamic page templates, code, etc.)

Seo Defination SEO Definition

The process of ensuring websites meet optimal architecture, link, and design criteria of the latest search engine algorithms to improve visibility, rank, and relevance in search engines over time

Major Job Accountabilities Major Job Accountabilities

  • Creation of optimization strategy document and reports
  • Running 6 and 9 month reviews of existing already completed campaigns
  • QA of deliverables generated by seo engineering team members
  • Presents all deliverables sent to clients
  • Educates clients on Best Practices and overall education of SEO
  • Client consulting meetings
  • Occasional off site client meetings
  • Maintain an understanding of industry trends and research industry related media.

Education/Experience Education/Experience

  • 2 year college degree or equivalent work experience
  • 1+ years experience specializing in natural / organic web / search optimization

Knowledge/Technical Skills Knowledge/Technical Skills

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and other programming languages
  • MUST have a STRONG SEO background (not entry level position)
  • Experience in keyword research and build-out
  • Strong knowledge of search and criteria of leading algorithms
  • Experience with leading search engine ranking, traffic and analysis software
  • Experience in MS Office suite

Abilities Abilities

  • Strong mathematical, analytical and writing skills
  • Analyze, summarize and present analytical reports
  • Strong communication and team work skills

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