Reciprocal Links Engineer

Job Description Job Description

We are looking for a full-time employee with a strong background in HTML, excellent internet navigation skills and experience. The engineer will be responsible for uploading linking content on client web-pages via FTP, CMS, or VPN.

Major Job Accountabilities Day to day responsibilities

  • Working with FTP and CMS (content management system such as Yahoo Store etc.)
  • Using html editor (Dreamweaver, Homesite, Ultraedit or Notepad)
  • Modifying existing websites (static — html and dynamic — PHP, ASP, .NET)

Knowledge/Technical Skills Required Experience

  • Excellent internet navigation skills
  • HTML
  • FTP

Preferred, but not required Preferred, but not required

  • Experience with PHP, ASP, .NET, CFM
  • Basic understanding of reciprocal linking (link exchange and link popularity)
  • SEO/Internet marketing/E-Commerce experience

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