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Pay-Per Click Marketing - Professional PPC Management Services We can maximize customer search relevance with our web site promotion internet marketing and our extensive PPC knowledge. We will help you to sell more and generate maximum revenue and rapid ROI. We provide the benefits of timely industry insights and internet marketing tips that create top keyword positioning. Once the positioning has taken place, the maximum possible online revenue can flow in resulting in a company full of power, control and excitement.

We are the only PPC expert company with a 97.5% client retention rate. As a premier provider of search engine placement services, it our job to get companies highly ranked and to convert the extra traffic from the rankings into the maximum possible revenue. It is this quality and our guarantee of delivery that has lead to our high client loyalty. Our results work irrespective of the size of your company. We do what is needed to provide results and gain your support. Our open book policy is based on honesty, disclosure, and genuine expertise to bring in the highest quality clients through our internet web site marketing.

The Benefits of Web Traffic Gurus Professional Management Are:

  • Customized headers and descriptions to entice visitors to read on.
  • A Proper landing page resulting in maximum conversions.
  • Search engine customized advanced bidding strategies
  • Dedicated search engine representatives to streamline implementation
  • Daily keyword optimization and expansion for continual growth.

Keywords are structured by these categories:

  • Brand level – Expands reach and maximizes conversion.
  • General Level - High volume words and phrases which, many times not well qualified. General level keywords are expensive and competitive but proven to generate solid traffic with high conversion.
  • Program Level – Phrases specific to the industry that will yield the highest overall conversions.
  • "Tail" Level – Four to six keyword phases and geographically expanded terms that yield few searches, but extremely high conversion.

There is one major difference between a successful pay-per-click internet web site marketing campaign and an expensive waste of money. That difference is basic web site design. Websites that follow proven design strategies for layout, content, navigation, and presentation will attract and retain more visitors than a website hobbled together or one that focuses too much on presentation alone.

Purpose Purpose

The purpose of a website will define its exact design and content. Is the site meant to offer only basic information about the business, or is it intended to provide visitors with updated news aobut the industry? Will it support online purchases, or is it designed specifically so clients and customers can interact with the business? The purpose will influence the setup and architecture, so the question deserves serious consideration.

Content Content

Relevant and well-written content is the backbone of any successful PPC internet web site marketing campaign. However, appropriate content will vary depending on the purpose of the site. Content must be properly displayed and easy to read. The reading and comprehension skills of internet users are widely varied so it is recommended to keep content at a grade 8 – grade 10 reading level. Most importantly, content must provide the information visitors will be looking for.

Site navigation Site Navigation

Even the best written content is rendered useless if it is difficult for visitors to find information easily. A good web site is one that is simple to navigate and information is easy to locate. For small websites, a menu of links to the site's main areas should be provided on each page. Large websites will require a search tool.

A site that is difficult to navigable quickly turns off visitors who can leave and forget all about with just a couple clicks of the mouse. These visitors are unlikely ever to return. Planning the layout of a web page and the navigation of the entire site takes time but it is easily one of the most important elements of a successful PPC internet web site marketing campaign.

Layout and Appearance Layout and Appearance

The appearance of a website speaks volumes about a business’ professional attitude. A site clutters with overbearing fonts and busy backgrounds are nothing but an eyesore and nothing drives away visitors faster. A white or off-white background usually works the best unless there is an extremely important reason to go with another color. This is where less is more and each page should be consistent with the others in a uniform design.

Text colors are another aspect of a website that must be kept simple. Anything other than black is extremely unprofessional, although inverted black background, white text, sometimes works too. Strange color text only makes it difficult to read and once eye strain sets in, your visitors will leave. A font size from 10 – 12 is usually recommended.

It is often tempting for businesses to use excessive graphics but this is not recommended. A conservative use of graphics works to speed up web page loading and keep your visitors moving on to content and purchases. Internet users are not known for their patience. Anything more than a couple seconds for a page to load is too long.

Be Browser Friendly Be Browser Friendly

While Internet Explorer from Microsoft commands the most users, there is a large subset of people who have sworn against it. For this reason, your website must be compatible with multiple browsers, especially Firefox. It usually requires very little tweaking to make a website compatible to both.

After Launch: Staying the Course After Launch: Staying the Course

Remember, pay-per-click internet web site promotion is an ongoing process. Websites must be regularly reviewed, analyzed, and updates with the latest trends and performance adjustments.

It is important to have patience. New traffic will not be consistent when PPC internet marketing is first implemented. It will take some time to get off the ground. The first strategy does not always work and sometimes keywords have to be changed and content rearranged but all changes must always reflect web site’s purpose.

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