Pay Per Phone Call Marketing

50% lower than Yext pricing for some industries

Why Pay Per Click, When You Can Pay Per Call!

We offer a very profitable and effective Pay Per Call marketing program similar to Yext. This program will allow you to receive exclusive calls directly to your business with callers that are looking for your service, in your service area. Why pay companies for pay per click when you don�t know who is clicking on your website. Pay per Phone call Marketing lets you know exactly who is contacting you.

What is the purpose of marketing?

The purpose of marketing is to acquire new leads for your company's services. Then out of these leads a company should be able to convert a percentage of them into actual paying customers. Acquire new leads is the life blood of any service company. If you are accepted into our Pay Per Lead marketing program you will only pay for the calls or leads your campaign creates. There are no minimum monthly requirements, no monthly fees, and you truly will only pay for the calls you get from our marketing efforts.

How Do We Make the Phone Ring?

The short answer is we use custom built websites and web advertisements to advertise our clients and their services. Our company offers pricing much lower than Yext. We are so confident in our ability to get your company info to the top of the search engines that we do not charge for the SEO service or for the clicks. We have a time tested process that works for almost any Service provider. If your customers search for you online using the city they live in as part of the search term, our service will work for you.

How Do We Track the Calls?

Every client is assigned unique tracking phone numbers that is put onto the custom built websites and anytime a customer calls the numbers, the call will ring directly to the client. We bill our Pay Per Call clients once a month. The invoice will have the details of every call from that billing cycle.

What calls get billed?

Only unique calls will be billable minus 10% of all unique calls. Our Pay Per Call System has been tested throughout the country and the amount of solicitations and wrong numbers averaged well below 10% of all unique phone calls. So you are automatically not billed for 10% of all unique calls. Every account is assigned an account manager that they will coordinate with to keep track of all the calls so you are only billed for unique calls minus 10%.

How to Get Started with Pay Per Call!

  • Step 1: Tell us what locations you want us to market in.
    What counties or cities you want your services marketed in?

  • Step 2: Tell us exactly what services you want to advertise (Be as specific as possible)
    If you repair certain products please be brand specific.

  • Step 3: Tell us how many calls per day you can handle.
    We can get as aggressive as you want us to.
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