Top Search Engine Placement Services

  • By Web Traffic Gurus
  • Dated: Dec 14, 2009
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The key to achieving top search engine placement for your website is likely different from any others, and a qualified consultant can help you determine precisely which methods are best for your needs. The right keywords, the proper keyword density, better navigation - the key to your site's achieving higher organic placement could be as simple as remembering to include "alt" names for images and adding METAdata to each page!

Website Search Engine Optimization Industry Leader

  • By Web Traffic Gurus
  • Dated: Dec 14, 2009
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Search engine optimization should be the focus of any internet website marketing plan. Without it a website takes on the attributes of an electronic flyer among more than 260 million other competing websites. Web search engine optimization is what puts a business on the top of search rankings and enables users who are looking for a particular product or service to find a business easily.

Live-blogging the Google Chrome OS event

  • By Google
  • Dated: Nov 19, 2009
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For starters, here’s what Google announced about Chrome OS back in July. At that time, Google called out “speed, simplicity and security” as the key ideas behind Chrome OS. Google released Chrome a little over a year ago with a novel idea–a comic book to describe the features and design decisions behind Chrome.

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