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Mobile Website designMobile phones and Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are changing the way people access and work with information. According to a research more than 30% of mobile phone owners around the world have browsed the Internet via a mobile handset. Google, Yahoo and Bing! have recognized the potential of this market and are making great efforts to promote mobile commerce to users and advertisers. The percentage of mobile Internet users is growing at a rapid pace and if your business is not found on a mobile device then you are losing out on 30%-50% of your customer base.

Web design mobile website building process involves:

  1. Adherence to WAP standards
  2. Strict XHTM MP coding
  3. Applied consideration of user agent requirements
  4. XHTML Mobile Profile based Style Sheets
  5. W3C Compliance
  6. Cross Browser Compatibility
  7. Cross Mobile Compatibility
  8. Screen and Pixel consideration.

W3C Standards Make Mobile Web Experience More Inviting:

Web Traffic Gurus uses the new set of web standards that were just recently released by World Wide Web. These standards make it easier for people to browse the web from their mobile device. Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0, published as a W3C Recommendation by the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group, condenses the experience of many mobile Web stakeholders into practical advice on creating mobile-friendly content. These guidelines will help improve the experience of people browsing the Web on a wide array of mobile handsets.

Technologies Used

  1. Microsoft .NET Framework (Programming)
  2. PHP (Programming)
  3. SQL Server 2005 (Databases)
  4. MySQL (Databases)
  5. Microsoft Windows Servers (Deployment)
  6. Linux Servers (Deployment)

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