Link Building

Link BuildingThe internal linking structure and website architecture you have set up plays a large role in passing link gain deep down into every page of your website. Pages that delve too far down your website tree will not get high rankings on the search engines.

Having a clean website architecture helps enhance the user experience while increasing the click through rate. Our link building internet search marketing services provide shortcuts through sub navigation and improve internal links between each relevant page. This helps build and promote pages with a similar theme and topic.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is an important element that is factored in to the search engines’ ranking algorithms. Even if you have a website that is completely optimized, your site will not be worthy of top rankings if the links included on the website do not reach out to other popular websites. Linking to other popular websites helps yours gain popularity and authority.

Some of the factors that search engine algorithms use when evaluating the strength of a link are:

  • PageRank of the page containing the link.
  • The text that holds the actual link. For example, the main keyword of the page should be the link instead of other words like a company name.
  • The popularity of any websites linking to yours.
  • How relevant the linking site is to your industry.

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