Landing Page and Squeeze Page Optimization

Landing Page and Squeeze Page OptimizationThe squeeze page is a lead generation management tool. The purpose of the squeeze page is getting a website visitor to give you their email address where it can then be used for follow-up marketing with a more advantageous response rate. Chances are greater that someone is interested in a product or service if they voluntarily give up their email address.

The focus of the squeeze page is a form that can be as short as one field for an email address or it can include fields for name, phone number, address or any number of questions that can be used for positioning marketing. Getting the visitor to fill out the form often entails the use of other elements on the page such as headlines, bullet points, teasers, testimonials, and deadlines. Stories of success for simply entering the data are often employed for Annuity Leads and home business leads. We can use as many or as few of these techniques as are required or wanted.

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