Frequently Asked Search Engine Optimization Questions (FAQs)

FAQ1. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Optimization also popularly known as SEO is the process of modifying a website in order to improve site’s visibility in the organic or natural listings of major search engines.

2. What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
Search Engine Marketing is marketing a website through search engines. It encompasses efforts to improve organic search results, PPC, and other search related activities.

3. Why are good rankings in search engine results so important?
Search Engine like, , are the most widely used vehicles for generating traffic to websites. Various studies have confirmed that over 90% of Internet users utilize search engines to find product, service and information.

4. Why is Google so important?
Google’s share of search engine traffic is almost 70%, well and truly ahead of other search engines. It’s imperative that any website which hopes to get traffic should optimize website keeping Google in mind.

5. Why can I not find my website in Google search listings? / Why does my website rank so poor in search engines?
Getting your website up in the search engine listings is a science. Search Engines have rules and algorithms which keep on changing and improving. If a website does not conform to these guidelines, then good rankings will elude it. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Incorrect or no use of Keywords between TITLE tags.
  • Insufficient usage of keywords in the website content.
  • Flash/Image based website which a search engine spider cannot read.
  • Insufficient content. Irrelevant content.
  • # Lack of back links.

6. On what factors does website ranking depend?
Website ranks depend on many factors. Some of the top factors are:

  • Keywords (search phrases) targeted.
  • Keyword Competitiveness.
  • How many other websites are competing for same keyword?
  • Geographic targeting: Are you targeting particular region, country etc?
  • On page factors like content & tag optimization.
  • Off page factors like back link popularity.

7. How long it takes to see improvement in Search Engine rankings?
There are no fixed timelines in SEO. It can vary from a month to 3 months to see good gains in ranking. It is advisable to give at least 6-12 months to any SEO campaign.

8. What changes are needed on my website?
Most often content, images, links, tags have to be optimized. It has to be ensured that content has reasonable amount of keywords. Sometimes, minor design tweaks also have to be carried out to make a website more search engine friendly. If a site is fully flash based or uses frames then major changes are advisable. In other words, on page optimization has to be done on websites at the start of a SEO campaign.

9. Isn’t my web designer supposed to take care of on page optimization?
Web designing is a highly specialized job. SEO needs extensive research, knowledge and hard work. It will be unrealistic to expect a web designer to be abreast of latest trends in SEO.
Web Traffic Gurus boasts of excellent in-house capabilities with both web designer and SEO team working in tandem to provide best solutions.

10. Can I do SEO myself?
SEO has emerged as one of the most dynamic and specialized field. SEO needs great deal amount of time, in depth study, constant reviewing & upgradation of knowledge. A good SEO consultant also needs to be capable of understanding design principles, marketing aspects and user behavior patterns. Doing it yourself can be hazardous for both your business and website.

11. Some SEO companies guarantee #1 rank on Google search results.
Nobody can promise #1 ranking for a keyword. Search Engines follow highly complex and closely guarded algorithms to determine any website’s rankings. SEO consultants can only second guess search engine’s algorithm and follow proven methods for improving rankings. Other factors such as other SEO efforts by other competitors and new websites been launched are simply out of any SEO consultant’s control.

12. My website still ranks low after several months of SEO. What is wrong?
Rankings depend on many factors. Some keywords have lot of competing sites vying for top spots. In such cases, trusted, old and relevant websites occupy top spots. A good consultant will find the best keywords with least amount of competition. Long tail keywords are especially useful in such cases. SEO Search Engines constantly change their algorithms. Therefore, a website has to be continually tweaked and SEO activities constantly modified to keep up with search engine guidelines.

13. Why should I choose Web Traffic Gurus?
Web Traffic Gurus is a specialist when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals with years of experience at Search Engine Firms. We only hire the best of the best and take the Gurus from the top IT companies. We pursue our client’s goals with dedication, hard work and intelligence. We ensure that industry’s best practices are followed. Our consultants have developed a unique methodology that is flexible enough to cater to our clients from different industries and budget without losing its effectiveness. Web Traffic Gurus have a proven track record of success. We have achieved top ranks for some of the most competitive keywords. Not only we achieve top rankings but also ensure that websites stay at top for long durations.

14. How does Web Traffic Gurus research for best keywords?
Web Traffic Gurus initially provides client with a detailed questionnaire to glean as much information about their business, goals, timelines and budget. After that, by using industry’s best keyword research tools combined with our years of experience, we collate a list of best keywords for the website. After consulting with client we refine this list so that our SEO efforts can be concentrated upon the most beneficial keywords.

15. When should I start Search Engine Marketing?
NOW! Yes, Search engine marketing is now an essential part of any internet based business. Every day new websites are launched, many of them may belong to your niche. In today’s cutthroat environment, nobody can afford to be complacent. Search engine marketing efforts need several months to be visible therefore, there is no time to wait and lose the vital edge that a well optimized site can provide to your business.

16. How do I keep track of the progress?
Web Traffic Gurus sends out monthly reports with all the activities and status on keyword rankings called website analytics.

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