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Web Traffic Gurus Search Engine Optimization and web marketing are the driving forces that have brought the world together through the internet. Because consumers rely so heavily on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, when a potential customer is looking for a business, they choose what appears on the first page of results. If your company is not on that first page, it should be. Web Traffic Gurus knows that every website can achieve top search engine placement with our expert website search engine optimization. Web Traffic Gurus Guarantees a specified % increase in traffic ranking or we will work for free!

Web Traffic Gurus is a professional Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing company. We specialize is internet web site marketing, web search engine optimization, and web services design. We consistently deliver guaranteed SEO solutions for all types of online businesses, whether they are new start-ups or existing companies already with an established customer base. Our search engine placement services are both affordable and a great value for your company. We at Web Traffic Gurus stand behind our services, guaranteeing increased traffic ranking results. See what guaranteed SEO can do for you.

What is SEO Optimization?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the art and science of increasing search engine ranking for web pages. SEO uses keywords and phrases pertinent to a given business that will help them appear higher up on a search listing and thus obtain increased traffic leading to an increase in sales.

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How powerful is SEO?

The power of SEO is revolutionary. Your business will change so dramatically, you will ask why you didn’t do it sooner. Here are few of the reasons how the power of SEO will improve your website:

  • 400 million people, a full 92% of internet users, use Google, Yahoo, or Bing as the first step in locating products & services.
  • 93% of search engine users stop on the first page of results. Instead of going to the second page, they choose something on the first page. If your website isn’t on the first page, you are losing 93% of your potential internet customers.
  • 33% of search engine users believe that a high ranking is synonymous with trust.
  • SEO is 4 times more effective than online, pay-per-click, advertising.
  • Top search engine ranking is equivalent to a 24/7 advertising campaign that expands your reach to millions of new customers from all over the world.
  • SEO marketing is 100 times less expensive than traditional print advertising

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Why should you choose Web Traffic Gurus as your SEO consultant?

  • We guarantee specified increase in traffic rankings.
  • We provide results through regular reports so you can see the improvement in black and white
  • Our guaranteed SEO gives your website an instant boost in traffic.
  • Our search engine placement services increase brand awareness and sales.
  • Our average rate of return (ROI) runs between 200 – 1200% on internet-based sales.

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Why is it important to START NOW?

Question: When a potential customer conducts a query on a major search engine, there are only two possible outcomes:

  1. They will choose your website listing.
  2. They will choose the listing of your competitor.

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Our Clients Google Rankings

  • Flower shops Phoenix
    • #3 out of 3,040,000
  • Cosmetic dentist new york
    • #2 out of 10,100,000
  • Weight loss San Diego
    • #1 out of 17,900,000
  • Pizza chicago
    • #1 out of 33,900,000
  • Car dealers los angeles
    • #2 out of 9,420,000
  • Fitness clubs new york city
    • #1 out of 45,300,000
  • Hotels London
    • #2 out of 47,700,000
  • Restaurants Paris France
    • #5 out of 17,800,000
  • Website design
    • #1 out of 222,000,000
  • Laser eye surgery Atlanta
    • #1 out of 136,000

1st Page Google Rankings

  • DUI Attorney Seattle
  • Cosmetic Surgeon D.C.
  • Weight Loss Orange County
  • Best Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills
  • NYC Immigration
  • San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Phoenix Airport Transportation
  • Copier Repair Los Angeles
  • Bay Area Liposuction
  • Security Cameras Miami
  • Laser eye surgery Atlanta
  • Dallas Accident Attorneys

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